April 7th, 2020


March 8th saw the first of the YT Mob team staff arrive in Spain to begin our 2020 Team Camp and EU Bike Build. This is the second time we’ve been able to host this at Mob HQ, just outside of Granada, but the first time since the building was completed in June of last year. The mechanics flew in first so they could start assembling the bespoke YT bikes with all of the various parts and components from our co-sponsors, and with the individual requests of each athlete. A few days later other management staff arrived along with our team photographer, and then the athletes made it to Spain.

Team Camp is very important for the athletes as they have very specific goals. Firstly, to meet up with their allocated mechanic and go through the bikes that have been assembled for them, and do any required fine tuning. This involves going to our purpose built test track for some runs on the DH bikes, as well as some trail rides near Mob HQ. Settings and any last minute component changes can be done during this time. The riders and the staff also receive the bulk of their team clothing and baggage during Team Camp and we can do any fitting adjustments at this time. Also our pre-season Team Camp provides our first opportunity where the whole team (who live on 3 continents) can be together for the first time as a complete group, and we can capture images and video content needed for the various things that we produce, from hero cards, promotional material, website content etc. Finally, it’s the ideal social opportunity to catch up with team members that haven’t seen each other over the off season, and also for new team members to meet their new traveling family members.

A Team Camp gives us the perfect opportunity to build relationships in a relatively stress free environment, whether it’s a casual dinner for the riders not stressing about training times the next day, or taking the staff to Mob HQ’s bar to chat freely about our plans for the year ahead or other non-bike stuff. Sharing those moments pre-season can be vital. Time is a little more rationed at races and those moments together beforehand leave a lasting legacy for when you have to be more economical with the social aspects during race week. Little did we know that by the end of the week the first World Cup race would go on to be postponed and that we’d have to evacuate the team from Spain as a National State of Alert was put in place by the Spanish Government.

However, until that happened, we had a very productive week. While a race run is 3 to 4 minutes of solitude for the athlete, everything that takes place prior to rolling into the start house, and after crossing the line, involves every other member of the team. Whether it’s the mechanic that’s tuned the bike exactly to the desire of the rider, the soigneur that’s at the line to provide a drink, cap, glasses and clean towel before the post-race interview, the photographer who captures and portrays the experience to our audience, or the sponsors who have invested in this race run when they signed on months or years before; everyone feels emotionally invested in the run, and celebrates or commiserates with big emotion.

This is a team sport, and every member of the 2020 incarnation of the YT Mob, whether new or OG, can’t wait to put what we’ve learned at Team Camp into race tracks around the world as soon as possible. To our fans, stay safe, follow your local government regulations, and let’s get this thing beaten so we can all enjoy our sport as soon as possible. Thanks for the support and watch our social media for news and activity from the riders.